NORWALK – Two people survived a serious car crash on the southbound lanes of the Merritt Parkway Wednesday night, just before Exit 40.

When firefighters arrived, they found two people outside the car, a man and a woman.

Deputy Fire Chief Edward Prescott said the man was sitting by the car while the woman was laying on the ground.

Both victims were transported by ambulance to Norwalk Hospital.

Prescott said the car rolled two or three times, and it was unclear whether the victims exited the car on their own or were thrown from it.

The car ended up in a narrow wooded area adjacent to Creeping Hemlock Drive.

Neighbors ran from their homes to the accident scene when they heard the crash, and said at least one of the car's occupants said there were four people in it.

Prescott said firefighters spent 30 to 45 minutes pulling the mangled car apart to look for additional occupants, but found no one. Meantime, other firefighters scanned the wooded area and walk up and down Creeping Hemlock Drive to see if anyone was thrown from the car, which ended up resting on its roof.

A resident of Creeping Hemlock Drive who works for Parkway Auto Body used his tow truck to pull the car back toward the parkway so firefighters could see if anyone was under the car.

Based on the amount of wire-rope guardrail torn out of the ground, Prescott said the car appeared to leave the road about 1500 feet from where it came to rest.

He said the car was some type of Nissan.

The accident was reported at 7:23 p.m.

A state trooper walked the male victim out of the woods to a waiting ambulance on Creeping Hemlock Drive. The man was bleeding heavily from his left shoulder and appeared stunned.

The woman was rolled on a gurney to a second ambulance that arrived on the parkway.