The symphony of pads knocking together, soccer balls hitting the back of the net, and volleyballs slamming into the gym floor can only mean one thing.

Fall sports are almost here.

While the summer takes its last breaths of this year, the calendar inches closer to the start of the most wonderful time for sports across the state with the return of high school athletics.

It has been a couple of months since the end of the spring season saw teams raise the state championship titles with joy and accomplishment, but as August begins to give way to September, a noticeable difference creeps into the air.

Not just the cooling weather. But the feeling the comes from high school sports.

Along with the sights and sounds of the high school athletes returning to the field, a feeling of excitement can be felt in coaches, players, and the communities that support them.

The summer is great. The sun. The beach. A complete lack of cold and snow.

But there is something special about the fall — especially in Connecticut as the leaves start to change and the temperature begins to drop.

It is a feeling that players can start to get underneath their helmets, in between the posts, and standing on the courts.

Even former scholar-athletes across the state can begin to feel it. Tales of glory days long since gone are talked about in the parking lots and homecomings.

Tales to triumph and even some of defeat as rivalries that create the foundation of the high school sports culture prepare to begin anew.

For the athletes that still don the colors of the local high school proudly, their times for creating tales is almost here once again with the exhilaration of competing against conference rivals in hopes of hoisting the title at the end of the season.

As camps begin to open up, players have used the offseason time preparing for the season — maybe its a senior who is ready to finish their final season strong.

Or it could be an underclassman, whose trained to earn a spot on the varsity squad.

So as we all ready ourselves to bid farewell to the heat, the beach, and the summer.

It should be with joyous applause and excitement because the fall season is about to be here.

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