NEW YORK CITY — Westport partnered with four other municipalities last Thursday for an event aimed at luring residents and businesses to Fairfield County.

Held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Manhattan, the event, entitled, “Five Reasons for Fairfield 5,” was organized by the “Fairfield Five,” a coalition of Fairfield County municipalities charged with promoting economic development and greater interest in the region. The participating towns included Fairfield, Greenwich, Norwalk, Stamford, and Westport.

Stamford took the lead on financial contributions for executing the event, but every town contributed. The state Department of Economic and Community Development and several corporate sponsors, namely Eversource, also contributed.

Matthew Mandell, Executive Director of the Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce, which co-sponsored the Fairfield Five showcase, said the event was a great start in getting the word out that Fairfield County is a great place to do business. “About 60 people attended, some of them were site locators, executives from companies, and real estate brokers,” Mandell said of the event attendees.

No businesses officially decided on a move to Fairfield County as a result of the showcase, however. “I think it was more a feeling-out situation before anyone declares what they want to do,” Mandell said.

“This is just the start in what will be an ongoing process in promoting Fairfield County as a great place to do business,” Mandell added. He also noted the Fairfield Five will run tours of the five towns in November and December for people who attended the event and host another Manhattan showcase in April.

Speaking of his stump speech for prospective businesses, Mandell said, “The point of the pitch was that you don’t have to set up the business in Westport. You can have your executives live in Westport and the business located in Norwalk.”

Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, Catherine Smith, spoke at the event in addition to the first selectman or mayor of each of the Fairfield Five municipalities.

According to Mandell, current Westport First Selectman Jim Marpe, “spoke about the different businesses we have from Bridgewater to Terex and the small start-ups and innovation hubs we have here.”

Westport developer David Waldman, President and Founder of David Adam Realty, also attended the Manhattan event.

“This event was to promote not just each individual town, but to collectively promote our county, much like Westchester promotes itself, so we can be attractive to millennial companies that are finally growing up, having kids, leaving cities, and coming to the suburbs,” Waldman said.

Waldman noted the event highlighted “the really substantial positive attributes of Connecticut.” “While we might find business difficulties today because regulatory processes are too hard, the statistic information about Connecticut is impressive,” Waldman said. “We’re the most educated workforce in the nation, I think the number one out of all the states. We’re substantially ahead of everybody in terms of health and wealth and safety and all the things that make it important to want to live here.”

Selectman Marpe considered the event a success. “I was very pleased with the positive reception we received from the attendees,” Marpe said. “We sensed renewed interest in our area that will lead to opportunities in the future.”

Mandell echoed a similar sentiment. “It was very successful,” he said. “It showed that five towns can get together for a singular purpose and execute it properly and plan for the future.”

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