On Monday, spaces in Saugatuck Railroad Station parking lot 8, adjacent to the Interstate 95 Exit 17 ramp, will be available for daily parking.

The extra parking, however, will be available only until Nov. 30, as new permits for the spaces will be distributed by that date.

In addition, the western end of parking lot 4, also off Saugatuck Avenue and south of the railroad tracks, will remain open to daily parking until further notice. Drivers parking in the temporary spaces will receive a $4 daily fee envelope.

Commuters with valid permits will be allowed to park in permit spaces with no additional fee. As always, permit vehicles may not park in any space permanently marked for daily parking.

The temporary expanded daily parking area in lot 8 was eliminated in September in order for the Police Department's Railroad Parking Division to conduct a count of permit spaces. The count has been completed and, as a result, approximately 150 new permit approvals will be mailed beginning Monday. Recipients will have until Nov. 30 to pick up their permit. Anyone who does not respond by the end of business day on that date will be removed from the list and the permit offered to the next customer.

Officials also remind all permit holders who have permits with an expiration date of November 2010 to renew their permit by Nov. 30. Permits that are not renewed by that date are subject to a purge from the system.

In the near future, new signs will be posted in the rail station lots that officials say should better identify parking locations and the availability of parking, both permit and daily spaces.