The whipping winds of Hurricane Sandy may have knocked out power to thousands in Westport overnight Monday, but they failed to scare off the spirit of Halloween on Wednesday.

"It's Halloween," declared one parent accompanying his children for traditional trick-or-treating on the appointed day. "It's October 31st -- of course we're out."

Although many other storm-wracked communities were forced to postpone -- or outright cancel -- the usual door-to-door collection of Halloween treats, Westport officials let the observance go forward.

For instance, hundreds of parents and children descended on one neighborhood near Oak Street and Clinton Avenue, where power had not been knocked down. Unlike past years, however, the festivities started early -- around 4:30 p.m. -- per a request by First Selectman Gordon Joseloff, who asked families to wrap up their trick-or-treating before dark.

"This is one of the few neighborhoods that has power, so we knew it was pretty safe," said one father. "We're out early because we were told we had to be in by dark. We couldn't miss Halloween."

"They've been out of school for three days, so we had to come out," the man added.

Westport schools will be closed all week because of widespread power outages and cleanup operations.