WESTPORT — The Board of Education reaffirmed its position Monday night on Coleytown Middle School remaining a middle school after renovations are complete, barring any exceptional cost estimates.

This comes after town officials last week asked for a more clear plan for CMS’ future.

Several board members said if renovation costs come back too high, Westport’s funding bodies will need to tell it so before they begin discussing making Bedford Middle School the town’s only middle school.

“If we get Coleytown Middle school back, we’re going to use it as a middle school. Period,” Board member Candice Savin said.

Several board members echoed her statement, saying it was already decided CMS would remain a middle school.

Patrick Gallagher, a representative from Milone & MacBroom, presented the board with different building uses and redistricting scenarios to balance numbers at the elementary level. Gallagher noted a sixth-grade academy could best fit the criteria set by the board.

Board of Education Vice Chair Jeannie Smith called the sixth-grade academy the most “attractive” option, and could promote equity while making the unraveling of next year’s combined Bedford Middle School smoother.

Smith said the Board of Education and Board of Finance will still need to come together before any major decision is made.

“Together we have to sit with everyone involved and make the best decision,” Smith said.