Polls opened today at 6 a.m., and a hardy band of Westport voters was ready to cast their ballots as soon as polling stations -- and candidates appearing on those ballots were on hand for last-minute appeals for support.

"We had eight people on line right away," said Richard Lowenstein, moderator for the District 1 polls at Saugatuck Elementary School.

"I'm an early guy and if you go at the right time, you can beat the crowds," said Doug Weber of Westport. "And you get the best of the things the PTA brings" for sale.

"I wanted to get in and vote so I wouldn't miss it," said Fred Mastriacovo of Westport. "It's important."

"It's your opportunity to make an impact," said Sacha Bacro of Westport, "and as we know in Connecticut, the votes are fairly close."

"It's important to vote," said Cynthia Mashata of Westport. "And it's an important election. It's going to be pretty close between the Dems and Republicans."

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