WESTPORT — A family of ducks learned the hard way the last place you want to be during rush hour is on I-95.

Just after 5 p.m. Monday, Westport Fire Department dispatchers received numerous calls reporting a family of ducks had been observed trying to navigate I-95.

The ducks reportedly were successful in making their way across the dangerous highway span, but then fell into a storm drain.

Westport’s Rescue 3 and the Shift Commander responded to I-95 North to provide assistance, meeting up with State Troopers just prior to Exit 17. A Department of Transportation Safety Patrol vehicle provided critical barrier protection for those working on the highway.

Firefighters used a variety of hand tools, hydraulic rescue tools and metering equipment to gain access to the storm drain. Firefighter Philip Ponticiello entered the storm drain via a ladder and patiently rescued all nine of the ducklings, despite their reluctance to exit.

This was Ponticiellos second animal rescue from a storm drain in as many days.

Westport fire encourages people to call 911 if they are concerned about the welfare of any animal, particularly when the animals are on a highway or main road.

“The roads and highways are dangerous places to be and we want to make sure everyone goes home safely,” read a statement from Westport Assistant Chief Brett Kirby.