Water was the theme of the day, as not only 2,400 rubber ducks took the plunge Saturday in the Saugatuck River, but locals got dunked as well all for a good cause.

The Great Duck Race, sponsored by the Westport Sunrise Rotary Club, made a splash for the seventh year in raising about $20,000 for the club’s charitable causes.

“It raises a lot of money,” John Hendrickson, a club official said, “which enables us to give a lot of money. And it’s a fun day for the families.”

Along with a fleet of yellow rubber duckies competing for their pledgers in the river race, on Jesup Green the event also featured games, crafts and a dunking tank where some high-ranking town officials were targeted for the cause.

“I think it’s an amazing, fantastic event for the family,” said Christy Charise of Westport. “We’ve come for three years in a row now. There’s a lot for the kids and most of the things are inexpensive or free.”

Slides and bounce activities were part of the fun, along with a rock-climbing wall, hula hooping, food and drink.

“I love this,” said Hannah Eldh, 14, whose aunt, Katie Eldh of Westport ended up claiming the top prize in the duck race.

“It’s so nice for everyone to come together and it’s a fun day out in town,” said Hannah, who volunteered with face painting.

“I think it’s great,” said Nora Caporale of Westport. “This is our second year coming and it’s a fun family event.”

While the festivities began in the morning in the Jesup Green parking lot adjacent to the library, in early afternoon a giant bucket of a bulldozer was filled with thousands of yellow rubber ducks that the crowd close as their champions for a chance to win the $5,000 prize. The bulldozer then drove riverside in Parker-Harding Plaza where it unloaded the gaggle of faux fowl with a splash.

Hundreds watched and cheered from along the riverside and the Post Road bridge as the flock of duckies was steered to the finish line.

“We come because we’re doing something for charity,” said Kal Sant of Westport, “and at the same time we get a chance to win something. I think it’s exciting.”

The other top winners, in descending order, were: George Stoubely, David May, Charlene Surette, Mark Kaminski, Daisey Mae, Chip Stephens, Rahul Gupta, Aaron Hultgren and Jeff Meyer.