After police received a report that Benvennueta Kinlock, 43, of Beers Street, Bridgeport, was driving erratically on Riverside Avenue with a flat front tire Friday, he was charged by Westport police with operating under the influence and unsafe tires.

Kinlock's Ford Expedition's front passenger tire was completely flat and the metal rim was causing sparks as it drove down the road, police said. The officer detected an odor of alcohol while talking to Kinlock and said that the man's eyes were red and glassy. He failed field sobriety tests and was taken into custody, police said.

According to police he had a blood alcohol content of 0.16 and 0.15. The legal limit is 0.08.

Kinlock was released after posting a $500 bond and is scheduled to appear Feb. 6 in Norwalk Superior Court.