Nicholas Galella, 24, of Wilton, was charged early last Thursday with drunk driving.

Police said an officer traveling south on Wilton Road heard a loud scraping noise as a green SUV went by him in the opposite direction about 4 a.m. The officer saw the rear bumper of the northbound vehicle dragging on the ground. As the officer turned around to investigate, so did the green SUV, which then headed south. The vehicle SUV reportedly turned sharply into a driveway on Wilton Road.

As the officer pulled behind the SUV, Galella was observed sitting in the driver's seat with door slightly open, police said. The SUV then lurched forward when Galella apparently failed to put the vehicle into park, police said.

The officer smelled an "extremely strong" odor of alcohol, police said.

The left side of the SUV's rear bumper was reportedly damaged and hanging off the vehicle. Galella said he left a friends house on Rice's Lane in Westport and possibly hit a mailbox but then reportedly changed his story and said he hit a rock. No damaged property was immediately found at either site.

Galella reportedly failed field sobriety tests. He was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs.