Westport firefighters were busy Friday night responding to two minor house fires that were extinguished before serious problems arose.

The first incident took place about 7 p.m. at a Quentin Road house where an electrical outlet -- that had been submerged by flood waters from Tropical Storm Irene -- melted after it was energized. The homeowner quickly turned off the circuit breaker to the outlet when he saw fire erupt, firefighters said, preventing flames from spreading.

After checking to make sure the electric current feeding the outlet was properly shut down and that no fire had unexpectedly spread in the walls, firefighters removed the melted outlet and taped the wires. The homeowner was advised to keep power shut off to any outlets that were submerged during the storm until checked by an electrician.

About an hour later, firefighters were dispatched to investigate a report that smoke was filling a Duck Pond Road house.

The first fire crew on the scene discovered light smoke coming from an air-conditioning closet on the home's first floor. The source of the smoke, firefighter said, was a slight fire smoldering in the garage next to the wall.

After the fire was extinguished, firefighters from Truck 1 helped ventilate smoke from the building and metered the air to make sure there was no build up of dangerous carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide.