If the weather forecast is right, dog days will return to Westport today with near-record-setting temperatures in the 80s.

And even though it's the second week of October, dog days are also back at Compo Beach. That is, town beach rules allow canines -- and the handlers -- to return to their seaside haunts until next spring.

From Oct. 1, dogs are allowed on Compo Beach until March 31, 2012.

However, a few regulations still apply:

Dogs are prohibited from the pavilion, playground and boardwalk.

All dogs must be leashed in all areas of the park except in the designated off-leash area of the beach south of pavilion, including South Beach. Off leash regulations are posted at entrance to the off leash area.

Owners are required by law to pick up their dogs' feces.

Violation of the above regulations is subject to a fine of $77.