A dog may be man’s best friend, but the Westport Animal Shelter Advocates could very well be dogs’ best friend in town.

WASA, whose volunteers provide support the local animal shelter — and helping to find new homes for the animals housed there — staged a fundraiser Saturday for that cause outside Saugatuck Sweets.

“Al is so generous to always accommodate this group,” said Peter D’Amico, animal control chief, referring to the store’s owner Al DiGuido.

“And this is a wonderful group,” he said of WASA. While the town budget finances the shelter and food for the animals, WASA volunteers donate money, time and training to the animals for medical and special needs, as well as general care and attention.

“They’re a wonderful asset and adjunct to our facility in Westport,” D’Amico said.

“We’re very fortunate to have two animal control officers that are supportive of our volunteers efforts,” said WASA President Julie Loparo. “They understand the need of impounded dogs.”

This annual centered on a silent auction of dozens of items donated through local businesses and individuals, as well as art activities and a photo booth for people to have a picture taken with their pet.

“It’s great that they’re trying to raise money for a good cause,” said Jimmy Kapp of Danbury, who brought his dog Buck to the event. “And it’s a nice day and location to do it.”

Kapp and his partner Mary Elizabeth Shaheen adopted Buck from a shelter in Bethel and speak highly of being dog owners.

“They give you unconditional love and happiness,” she said.

“They just bring such joy to your life,” Kapp said, “and the joy you see in them, especially if they’re rescued.”

“It’s a fantastic event,” said Adam Zeiberg of Westport, who brought his daughter, Shira, 11, and their dog Forest. “We’re all about animals.”

“She lives for this dog,” he said of his daughter. “He’s her best friend.”