Public debate of a proposed amendment to Westport's zoning regulations for new construction will be rescheduled to Dec. 2, after other items considered by the Planning and Zoning Commission precluded discussion of the amendment Thursday night.

Text Amendment 620 would establish several new criteria to classify new construction. Under 620, the following scenarios would constitute new construction:

1. Building an entirely new structure

2. Expanding a structure by more than 35 percent of its footprint or floor area within a five year period

3. The removal, destruction, or reconstruction of more than 35 percent of the exterior walls or structural parts of a building in a five-year period, except if such changes in the building were less than 4 inches deep.

Text amendment 620 would also mandate that any restoration projects comply with flood zone requirements.

A proposed plan from Goodwill Industries of Western Connecticut to move its Westport center from its current location at 1572 Post Road East to a new, larger location at 1700 Post Road East took up most of the P&Z's time on Thursday.

P&Z commissioners and representatives of Goodwill reviewed the proposed location's site plan, with discussion centering on a planned donation center at the new location, as well as the impact of a new Goodwill outlet on neighboring businesses such as the Westport Tennis Club.

The P&Z will also continue its consideration of that proposal to its Dec. 2 public hearing, which will start 7 p.m. at Town Hall.