Developers bypass Redding regulations

Where is affordable housing in Redding? According to information obtained from the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, our town has no affordable housing units on record for the past eight years.

Yet at least three developments have been built as a result of bypassing town regulations in order to provide such units.

What is affordable housing? It is a deed-restricted property that states that the unit is to be sold at affordable prices (Ha-ha!) for a specified period of time with growth per year being restricted.

According to DECD, the town commissions establish the duration and terms of these deeds. However, town officials can waive the restrictions on the property, making null and void the restrictions that the units were built under.

The town has done just that on several of the developments. As a result, Redding has no listed affordable housing units. All those meetings and regulations and we still have no affordable housing.

It appears that we are diligent in trying to provide affordable housing in Redding but, in fact, we are only providing a means for developers to bypass our conservation and zoning regulations and install costly condominiums in places where they should not be installed.

So, I know what you are thinking: It's in Georgetown, not my back yard, who cares?

Right now it's proposed in West Redding and maybe tomorrow it will be on the Ridge and next the Valley.

Citizens of Redding, are you listening? You are in control and you need to attend the public hearings (April 4) and voice your opinion concerning these loopholes.