WESTPORT — A developer isn’t giving up on its plan to bring a 187-unit housing complex to Hiawatha Lane in Westport.

While failing to sway the Norwalk Conservation Commission to widen a gravel road to accomodate an emergency access route for the project, Summit Saugatuck resubmitted an application for a sewer line extension from Davenport Avenue to Hiawatha Lane Ext.

According to the application, submitted to the Westport Pollution Control Authority on Feb. 7, Summit seeks approval to connect the sewer system to its proposed multifamily residential development.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will review the application on March 19.

The Westport Pollution Control Authority previously denied the sewer line extension proposal in 2003 and again in 2016 because the main pipe, which runs underneath the Saugatuck River, and Pump Station 2 were both in need of repairs at the time.

“The holdup or the issue has been some repairs were needed for the sewer system, and my understanding is that those repairs are now done,” Summit’s attorney Tim Hollister said of the decision to re-apply.

The sewer lane extension was also rejected by the Planning and Zoning Commission in 2017, with a court appeal by Summit being sustained in 2018, before eventually being reversed by the Appellate Court in October.

In January, the state Supreme Court decided to further review the decision.

“There was a Connecticut court appellate decision that previously put the sewer lane extension under some doubt, so we’re basically pursuing two simultaneous things at the same time,” Hollister said. “One will be at the town level and one is at the court level. We’ll see how it plays out in terms of who goes first.”