The Democratic National Committee will not for pay police and fire overtime costs incurred for President Barack Obama's Aug. 6 visit to Westport for a fundraiser at film producer Harvey Weinstein's estate, First Selectman Gordon Joseloff said Monday.

The town sent a request to the DNC and the president's campaign organization, Obama for America, with a copy to Weinstein, to pay $14,812 in overtime costs incurred when Sherwood Island State Park was used as a helicoper staging area for the president to attend a fundraiser in Stamford and an exclusive dinner hosted by Weinstein at his Beachside Avenue home.

"Please note that as a private organization, the DNC did not participate in security, traffic control, fire or EMS planning," Amanda Howe, chief operating officer of the DNC, wrote in an Aug. 14 letter to Joseloff, who is a Democrat but did not attend the fundraiser.

"All such decisions, including their impact on costs incurred by federal, state or local governments are exclusively within the control of the appropriate government officials. Should there be a question about the allocation of expenses among the cooperating authorities, we assume that it should be directed to the U.S. Secret Service," Howe said.

Joseloff added that he has not received a response from the Obama for America campaign officials or Weinstein.

"I didn't expect that we would get repayment," Joseloff said in a statement, "but it was worthwhile to ask."

The fundraiser at Weinstein's waterfront estate attracted a crowd of about 60 people, with a ticket price of $35,800 per person.

"I too would have thought that when a president visits any town or city for a fundraising event that any additional cost incurred by the police or fire departments would be reimbursed by the campaign," Democratic Town Committee Chairman Jim Ezzes said in an email Tuesday. "That being said, my question is: When the Westport Police and Fire departments were notified by the Secret Service that President Obama was coming to our town, did no one ask how any additional cost for overtime would be paid? That was the time to address the question, not after the event."

Republican Town Committee Chairman Desiree Soli suggested that other arms of the Democratic Party could help to pay for the police and fire overtime costs.

"Had this been an official visit, the cost to the town would not be an issue," Soli said in an email Tuesday. "Westporters will have to pay the bill for an event that only a select few had any opportunity to participate in. I would encourage the first selectman and Jim Ezzes to appeal to the Democrat State Party or the Westport DTC for a contribution to offset the costs, since it was purely a political event."