Deer control measures to be voted on

A petition requesting that Westport's government "create and implement a plan for the control of the town's deer herd" will be voted on by the Representative Town Meeting on July 20 at 8 p.m. in the Town Hall auditorium at 20 Myrtle Ave.

The petition was started by Peter Knight, a Westport resident, concerned about the overpopulation of deer in town and the lack of any hunting ordinance. The signature has received more than 200 signatures.

"We seek a safe, humane and effective program to begin to confront the problem," Knight said in an op-ed submitted to the Westport News in June. "Assistance and advice is available from our State [Department of Environmental Protection" officers and leaders in our sister towns that have already implemented deer management plans. These people are ready, willing and able to help us."

If Knight's measure passes, then he believes to various committees in order to formulate a plan.

Public comments, both in support and in opposition to implementing deer control measures, can be made before the RTM votes.

-Anthony Karge