WESTPORT — Rock resounded Thursday night at the Levitt Pavilion when Dennis DeYoung and the Music of Styx shook the town.

Along with getting to hear a litany of great hits that DeYoung penned for the popular Chicago-based group, which thrived through the 1970s and into the 1980s — including “Lady” and “Come Sail Away” — people were treated to standup comic-like line of patter from the 72-year-old rocker.

“The good thing about being 72, people — you know what it is?” he asked. “Nothing!”

“I just did my first marathon,” he announced proudly, then adding that it involved six hours in front of the TV watching police dramas.

He noted people tell him 70 is the new 50. He then tells them, “You must have felt like (expletive) when you were 50.”

DeYoung asked the audience members how many of them were seeing him for the first time, drawing a number of hands.

DeYoung was joined on stage by six other performers including his wife, Suzanne, on background vocals, drummer Michael Morales, bassist Craig Carter, keyboardist John Blasucci, and dual lead guitarists Jimmy Leahey and August Zadra.