DANBURY -- A two-month long special investigation into city heroin trafficking culminated in the arrest of a 41-year-old man late Thursday evening.

Police said they received information that a man they had been watching would be return to his house Thursday night after a trip to New York City to attain drugs.

According to police, when Guillermo Minaya, of Davis Street, arrived at his house he was stopped by detectives who patted him down.

Police said Minaya had 100 glassine folds, which they believed to contain heroin, and about 8 grams of marijuana.

He was placed under arrest and his apartment was searched. During the search an additional 14 glassine folds were found, according to police.

According to police, the powder in the glassine folds, which are a popular way of transporting and selling heroin, came back positive for the narcotic. Each of the folds was stamped with the words "sucker punch," police said.

Police said detectives observed Minaya meeting with several people in the Davis Street area during the duration of the investigation.

Minaya is charged with possession of a narcotic substance, possession of a narcotic substance with intent to sell, possession of a narcotic substance with the intent to sell within 1,500 feet of a school and possession of a controlled substance.

Davis Street is in close proximity to Morris Street School, one of the city's elementary schools.

Minaya was held on $250,000 bond overnight and was arraigned in Danbury Superior Court Friday.

The result of his arraignment is not known at this time.

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