Rock band DNR treated the Levitt Pavilion crowd Wednesday to music celebrating those who keep the community safe and sound.

Regular performers at the Levitt, the musicians in DNR -- most of them physicians and other medical professionals -- appeared at the pavilion again to help raise money for the Westport Emergency Medical Service.

"It seemed like an appropriate thing," said Bob Altbaum, DNR keyboardist and unofficial leader, who said the event was planned in conjunction with tributes to emergency personnel who responded to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

"The physicians use the EMS service a lot and we feel they don't get the recognition they deserve," he said.

Not only is recognition in short supply, he said, but Westport's EMS program is largely funded through private donations, with the exception of seven full-time employees among 120 members of the service.

"I think it's great what they're doing," Martin Iselin, president of the volunteer EMS, said of the band.

"The funds that we get from the generous people of Westport pay for our ambulance and equipment," he said, noting that no tax dollars are spent beyond paying the seven full-time personnel.

Wednesday's concert, he said, also raises awareness of what Westport EMS does.

"It helps us get our story out," he said.

Many of the hundreds at last show of the summer at the new Levitt Pavilion had seen the band before.

"Rich was my husband's doctor," Cheryl Eldh of Westport said of the group's saxophone player, Rich Frank. "They're great, really great."

Members of the band said, ironically, said they find performing together very therapeutic.

"This is a great group of guys and gals," said Altbaum.

"It's kind of like a Tuesday night poker night that's grown into playing gig for charity," said drummer Kevin Fox.