About 15 members of Westport's Cub Scout Pack 192 took part in their annual Raingutter Regatta on the afternoon of Saturday, Dec. 8, at Saugatuck Elementary School.

The Scouts built their own boats from kits and then raced them two at a time down two roughly 12-foot rain gutters filled with water, according to Mark Mathias, who attended the event with his son, Cub Scout Nick Mathias. They propelled their boats by blowing on the sails with a straw or just their mouths.

Prior to the race, the Scouts sanded and painted the hulls of their boats, as well as decorated the sails. They also attached keels and rudders that came with their kits to the hulls, Mathias said.

The event, during which no awards were given, is an annual Cub Scouts tradition, he said.