WESTPORT — The William Cribari Bridge will be temporarily closed on Thursday, police announced in a news release on Wednesday, in order for the state Department of Transportation to perform repairs.

Repairs are planned to begin at 9 a.m., but the duration is unknown, and could range from under an hour to over four hours.

“Local commuters are therefore advised to pre-plan for the possibility of an extended closure and to seek alternate routes around the area if possible,” police said.

A NIXLE traffic advisory message will be sent as a reminder at the time of the initial closure with a second advisory to be sent when the roadway is subsequently reopened to traffic.

Westport Information Officer Anthony Prezioso said the repairs may be connected to recent closure issues, the most recent being Tuesday when the bridge experienced problems closing after being opened around 3 p.m.

“There has been some problems with the automatic swing bridge,” Prezioso said. “It keeps getting stuck open or not fully closing.”

State workers have used a mechanism to manually close the bridge in these situations.

“I believe they’re trying to figure out what the underlying problem is,” he said.

While the Cribari Bridge is inaccessible, motorists from the west side of the bridge can drive north onto Riverside Avenue, east onto the Post Road (Route 1), and then south onto Compo Road South (Route 136) to the intersection of Bridge Street and Greens Farms Road.

Another alternate route from the west side of the bridge would involve motorists traveling south on Riverside Avenue, west on Charles Street, crossing Saugatuck Avenue to enter Interstate 95 northbound, then travel west on the Post Road (Route 1), and finally making a left onto Riverside Avenue (Route 33) in order to travel south around the closure.

Vehicles on the east side of the bridge can also take Greens Farms Road east to the Sherwood Island Connector onto Interstate 95 southbound, where they can use Exit 17 to reach the Saugatuck Area.

“Our officers will be positioned at key intersections along the local detour route as needed to assist with an orderly traffic flow during the closure, however residents and commuters are nonetheless encouraged to plan accordingly by allowing extra time to reach destinations and, or by seeking alternate routes around the area if feasible,” police said.