Carving out success after opening nearly two years ago in the "new" Saugatuck, Craft Butchery has to more expansive quarters across Riverside Avenue.

Paul Nessel, co-owner of the business with Ryan Fibiger, explains, "We had opened almost two years ago in November of 2011, but we outgrew that space quickly and wanted to do more with prepared foods, to start our own kitchen and have a cafe."

Nessel said the seven Craft Butchery employees "are all butchers, it's a lost and dying art that is coming back."

The store advertises itself as "an old-fashioned butcher shop with modern day ideals."

All of the meat is fresh -- pasture-raised and organic -- and every part of the animal is used. "This lamb was alive two days ago," Nessel proclaimed, pointing out some of the fresh meat on hand to underscore his point.

"For now, we are bringing in about three steer, four or five pigs and four or five lambs every week," he told the Westport News. "Every Thursday morning I get up at 4 a.m. and drive to Duchess County, there are a lot of great farms up there and we buy whole animals."

Craft Butchery has a four-year lease in its new quarters, where the kitchen now provides fare for many clients, including commercial buyers. The chef, Mark Heppermann, is at the ready preparing fresh foods in the newly expanded facilities.

"We are all locals, my grandparents lived in Saugatuck when I was a little kid," said Nessel.

For more information about Craft Butchery, 580 Riverside Ave., check or call 203-226-6328.