WESTPORT — Due to the transition in power at the school superintendent position the town’s top earner in 2016 was a police officer.

Police Cpl. Howard Simpson, with a gross salary of $230,388 in 2016 increased what he took home in 2015 when he earned $202,298.

Had former school Superintendent Elliott Landon and his replacement, Colleen Palmer, completed a full year, their salaries would have topped Simpson’s at around $300,000 and $285,000, respectively. Landon earned $148,640 for half the year and Palmer earned $142,675 for her half.

Palmer said on behalf of the educators, “Our salaries in our district are competitive with the region.”

“I don’t look at it as making the most money in town when the superintendents make almost $300,000. While the Board of Ed absolutely deserve what they make for shaping the minds of our youth, those salaries are what they are with a school schedule and no overtime. Our guys have to work well over double what their standard work week is to get to their salaries,” Police Chief Foti Koskinas said.

Simpson made $86,120 in overtime, $41,775 in outside jobs, $18,412 in holiday and other pay in addition to his base salary of $84,081.

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Top town salaries

Police Cpl. Howard Simpson, $230,388

Police Sgt. Sereniti Dobson, $218,911

Deputy Police Chief Vincent Penna, $203,204

·Director of School Business Operations Elio Longo, $201,373

Police Cpl. David Librandi, $189,547

Police Officer Anthony Falbo, $188,850

Staples High School Principal James D’Amico, $180,475

Director of Elementary Education Julie Droller, $179,785

School Director of Human Resources John Bayers, $174,187

Finance Director Gary Conrad, $171,494

Bedford Middle School Principal Adam Rosen, $170,903

Director of Pupil Services Michael Rizzo, $169,921

Coleytown Middle School Principal Kris Szabo, $169,921

Fire Lt. Matthew Cohen, $166,686

Coleytown Elementary School Principal Janna Sirowich, $165,818

Green’s Farms School Principal Kevin Cazzetta, $165,628

School Director of Technology Natalie Carrignan, $165,387

Saugatuck Elementary School Principal Elizabeth Messler, $160,009

Fire Chief Andrew Kingsbury, $159,674

Police Chief Foti Koskinas, $159,324

Deputy Police Chief Sam Arciola, $158,655

Long Lots School Principal Jeffrey Golubchick, $156,387

Coleytown Middle School Assistant Principal Lauren Pitocco, $155,102

Staples High School Assistant Principal James Farnen, $154,977

Bedford Middle School Assistant Principal Colleen Banick, $154,922

“For people to make that money they have to spend a lot of time away from home and a lot of time at the police department. Their pension applies to only their base salary,” Koskinas said.

“A lot of the money that is made by these officers in outside jobs is paid by utility companies, private parties and special events that are not funded by the town budget.”

Members of the police and fire departments, as well as educators dominated the list with 24 of the top 25 salaries in town. Police received four of the five highest paychecks.

Police Sgt. Sereniti Dobson took the second spot with $218,911, while Deputy Police Chief Vincent Penna earned $203,204, putting him third.

Director of School Business Operations Elio Longo came fourth in the list, earning $201,373. Police Cpl. David Librandi rounded out the top five with a pay of $189,547.