Rajan Sekaran, 52, of Weston, was charged early Monday with driving under the influence.

An officer said that he spotted Sekaran driving north on Saugatuck Avenue and the vehicle's headlights and taillights were not illuminated. While following Sekaran, the officer paced the vehicle and reported that he was driving more than 60 miles an hour in a "clearly posted" 30 miles-per-hour zone.

When Sekaran approached the intersection of Riverside Avenue and Post Road West, the traffic signal had turned from yellow to red before Sekaran's vehicle reached the intersection, police said. However, his car went through the intersection in violation of the red traffic light, according to the report.

When Sekaran was stopped, the officer "immediately detected a distinct and pronounced odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person," according to the report. Sekaran also failed field sobriety tests, police said.

Sekaran was charged with operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, traveling unreasonably fast, failure to display lights and failure to obey a control signal. He was released on $500 bond and is scheduled to appear Feb. 28 in Norwalk Superior Court.