Three New York City men were charged Thursday afternoon with trying to make a fraudulent withdrawal from an account in a Westport bank.

Officers were called to the Chase Bank office at 184 Main St. where police said Raymond Morales, 48, was attempting to withdraw $3,600 from a bank account with false identification. Morales had false identification with him when he was questioned and taken into custody at the bank, police said.

Two other suspects, Wayne Cintron, 24, and Isiah Walker, 25, who had both reportedly arrived at the bank with Morales, were later charged in connection with the scheme nearby the bank, police said. The three men drove to Westport in Walker's vehicle, police said.

Morales, Walker and Cintron were each charged with first-degree forgery, first-degree identity theft, possession of marijuana and third-degree conspiracy to commit larceny.

Morales and Walker were each issued a $25,000 bond, while Cintron was issued a $10,000 bond. Court dates for the men were not immediately available.