Two out-of-state men, allegedly caught with cocaine in a bathroom stall Saturday night at the Westport Inn, are facing drug charges.

Robert Flanagan, 19, of West Groton, Mass., and Thomas Villarino, 20, of Brooklyn, N.Y., were each charged with possession of narcotics.

Police officers, hired to work a security detail at the Westport Inn on Post Road East, were alerted to possible drug use in one of the motel's public restrooms there, according to a police report.

Officers went to the restroom and discovered that two men were occupying one of the bathroom stalls.

Officers announced who they were and requested that the door be opened, the report states. "Both individuals failed to comply and officers were able to manipulate the stall door to open," according to the report.

After the door was opened, one of the two young men appeared to be in the process of snorting a white powdery substance -- which police said later tested positive for cocaine -- off the top of the toilet tank, the report said.

Both Flanagan and Villarino were charged at the scene and a quantity of cocaine was recovered from their possession, the report states.

They both posted a $500 cash bond and are scheduled to appear Nov. 25 at Superior Court in Norwalk.