A 21-year-old man was in possession of a cache of forged $100 bills, police said, after he was taken into custody Sunday when a cabbie tried to cash one of the counterfeit bills at the local McDonald’s restaurant.

Reginald Boyd, of Middlebury Street in Stamford, was charged with first-degree forgery and sixth-degree larceny in connection with the case.

The incident was reported to police about 8 p.m. Sunday when workers at the fast-food restaurant on Post Road East reported that a patron tried to pay with a forged $100 bill. The bill was used by a cabbie, according to the report, who was making change for a passenger — later identified as Boyd — who said he had no other bills than the $100 to pay his fare.

Boyd was later found by officers at the location where he was dropped off by the cab. He had seven more counterfeit bills in his possession, according to the report, some of which had the same serial numbers.

Bond was set at $2,500 and Boyd is scheduled to appear Oct. 7 at state Superior Court in Norwalk.