Starting with the 2011-2012 school year, the Conservative Synagogue has expanded its programming for children preschool age through teenage years.

For preschool, the synagogue now offers children born in 2010 and their caregivers a One-der Play program, which provides a place to engage in activities and a Shabbat & Meprogram for mothers and children from birth to 2 years old. The preschool program has also incorporated Chalav u'Dvash, a Hebrew program which teaches conversational Hebrew, and Second Step, a new social learning program which teaches social and emotional skills for early learning.

The Kehillah program for the synagogue's religious school has new educators and additions to its curriculum offering excursions and retreats, including trips to the Jewish Museum, Lower East Side, Ellis Island and Philadelphia.

The synagogue's Hebrew high school-teen tzedakkah collaborative provides many community service opportunities.

The synagogue also offers several social youth programs for fourth-graders and up.

The synagogue, 30 Hillspoint Road, is affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the association of Conservative congregations in North America.

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