The final project to repair damage caused to town shoreline property by Superstorm Sandy is under way.

Replacement of the boardwalk at Compo Beach in front of the restaurant, Joey's by the Sea, adjacent to the pavilion is being orchestrated by the Department of Public Works and Parks & Recreation Department.

"It is in progress," Stuart McCarthy, the parks and recreation director, said last week, adding that officials hope the work will be completed soon.

"Joey's restaurant remains open at all times while the boardwalk is being replaced," he said, but yellow tape surrounds the area where remaining sections of the old boardwalk are being pulled up and replaced.

"That board in its current state has been there probably going on 15 years," McCarthy said.

The project will cost around $20,000 when it's completed, McCarthy said. Originally it was thought that the missing sections would merely be replaced, but since the old board is no longer made and couldn't be matched, it was decided to replace the whole thing.

McCarthy said once the work is completed a request will be sent to the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help defray the cost.

"All of our storm damage is submitted to FEMA and they determine what's eligible," he said. "It's reasonable to expect this'll be reimbursable."