A fire that erupted in an emergency generator at a Compo Mill Cove home Wednesday afternoon was quickly extinguished without causing extensive damage.

The incident, reported shortly after 2 p.m. Wednesday, prompted fire officials to deploy three engines, a ladder truck and command car — a total of 13 firefighters and officers — to the scene. The burning generator stood next to the home, but the fire was quickly doused by the first fire crew arriving on the scene, according to the report.

Other firefighters meanwhile shut down fuel to the generator, and checked the dwelling to make sure that fire had not spread.

Damage was limited to the generator, firefighters said.

With stormy weather in the forecast for the next several days, raising the possibility of power outages and the use of similar standby generators, fire officials used the incident to issue safety tips regarding use of such equipment:

• Never use a generator inside a home or attached garage. Generators produce carbon monoxide, a deadly colorless, odorless gas.

• Make sure a generator is properly grounded to avoid electrical shocks. Check the generator owner's manual for grounding information.

• Keep children and pets away from generators and use caution working around it. Generator parts quickly heat up and can cause severe burns. Stay away from the muffler and any other hot areas.

• Read and adhere to manufacturer's directions for safe operation. Read the owner’s manual each time a generator is activated.