Column: Welcome to ‘Art Town’

A sign reading 'Welcome to Art Town" near the Post Road bridge in downtown Westport.

A sign reading 'Welcome to Art Town" near the Post Road bridge in downtown Westport.

Miggs Burroughs / Contributed photo

Welcome to “Art Town,” a monthly column about the visual arts in Westport.

The last column in the Westport News devoted to the Visual Arts was written decades ago. We decided we needed to reach out to new and former readers to let them know what’s going on in the visual arts around town. We hope our efforts will interest the public because Westport is an art town.

We’ve acquired a national reputation as a “community of artists” since the early 1900s, when artists were attracted to this quiet Connecticut village with its natural beauty and its proximity to New York City, where they could show their work and enjoy the city’s burgeoning contemporary art scene.

In 1909, among the first artists to move to Westport was Arthur Dove, trying to make ends meet as a chicken farmer while creating images that changed the face of American Art. Following Dove, myriad accomplished artists lived, worked, socialized and thrived here — and that is still happening.

In this first column, we are listing current, non-commercial venues and town-sanctioned works of art in Westport. Each month, we’ll focus on one of these topics, giving information about their purpose, origins, their who, what, where, why, when and how you can become involved with these passionate and nurturing artists and organizations.

In future columns, we’ll address commercial art organizations, current art events, and extend our focus to the work of individual artists.

The following is a list of non-commercial Westport organizations active in promoting the visual arts, and places where there are historical works by Westport artists:

 Westport Public Art Collections (seen throughout all Westport public schools and town offices).

 Westport Arts Center

 Westport WPA Art Collection

 The Westport Library (The documentary “A Gathering of Glory,” by filmmaker Martin West, surveys all forms of the arts in Westport over the decades; it’s is available for rental at the library).

 Artists Collective of Westport

 The Drew Friedman Community Arts Center

 The Center for Senior Activities

 The Gallery at the Westport Country Playhouse

 Westport Woman’s Club

 The Bicentennial Collection

 Town Hall

 Westport Arts Advisory Committee

 PTA Artsmart



Miggs Burroughs is a lifelong Westport resident and full-time graphic artist since 1972. He is co-founder of The Artists Collective of Westport, a member of the Westport Museum Committee among other accomplishments.

Ann Chernow has been a Westport resident since 1968. Her artwork has been exhibited locally and worldwide. Chernow is a member of the Westport Arts Center, the Westport Museum Committee and other arts organizations.