Ten students from Coleytown Middle School have earned a spot on the 2011 Western Region Music Festival's Concert Band and Chorus.

Students across all grades auditioned for the band, and five from Coleytown were among those selected. They are: George Menz, Jack Baylis, Anna Greenberg, James Marcante and Kevin Watt.

That distinction is impressive, considering "the band will be the size of a regular band," according to Jennifer Dobson, administrative assistant to the Westport superintendent.

Competition was equally stiff for the festival's chorus, for which another five Coleytown students earned slots. All eighth-graders, they are: Kimmie Gladitsch, Kayla Gitlin, Ali McGovern, Sarah Quargliariello and Steven Bean.

Coleytown music teachers Jim Forgey and Amy Laurino said they are proud of their students' dedication to the music program. The two said in a statement: "We look forward to seeing them at the festival, held at WestConn (Western Connecticut State University) on March 18 and 19, for two days of hard work, lots of fun and some superior music-making."