A Westport woman has launched an ultra-high-end, online boutique for dog owners who want their canines to live like kings and queens.

TheClassyDog.com offers an array of accessories, apparel, travel goods, beds, grooming products and "dog mansions" to pet owners for whom price is not an issue -- or much of one.

A sampling of products on the site include $460 cashmere sweaters, $500 collars hand made in Italy, $1,500 airline carriers, $5,100 bowls made in a French jewelry shop and $10,000 custom-made houses.

For $3,000 one can order a 4-oz. bottle of unisex "Les Pooches V.I.P." perfume that the web site says is distilled from "rare" Osmanthus flowers.

At the lower end there are shampoos for as little as $10, bowls starting at $80 and hand-made leather leashes starting at $85.

The site was started by Angie Makris, who is running it out of a home office. Orders are shipped directly from designers around the world, most of them in the U.S. and Europe, she said.

"The Classy Dog understands the bond that exists between dogs and their owners and is committed to providing its discerning clientele with personal service and attention to detail," Makris said in an email.

She said all products have been researched and selected for "their quality and uniqueness." Some are custom-made or one of a kind.

Among the merchandize shown on the website are:

Dog necklaces ranging from $105 to $245, plus some dog-themed jewelry for humans.

Collars from $75 to $498.

Clothing ranging from a $78 twill coat to a $1,300 "Diamond Dog Dress."

Houses custom made in the U.S. ranging from five architectural styles for $4,500 (Country Cottage, French Chateau, Georgetown, Swiss Chalet and Victorian) to the Mexican Hacienda for $10,000.

The site's piece d' resistance is a bed made in France. The "Place Vendome Dog Dresser Bed" features a bed on the bottom (pet privacy is assured by velvet curtains with French passementerie tiebacks); above the bed are upholstered drawers to store clothing. Its bronze legs are gilded with 24-karat gold, and it goes for $12,900.

The Classy Dog: On the web at www.TheClassyDog.com. For more information, email info@theclassydog.com.