The prelude to winter this year has been anything but chill, but despite the unseasonably warm weather things remain cool at the Westport Police Athletic League’s ice rink at Longshore Club Park.

And even though keeping ice skate-worthy requires more attention when temperatures routinely skirt 50 to 60 degrees, it’s proving to be an expected boon.

“Last year I looked at ice with nobody on it,” said Tony Lantier of Thin Ice Management, which maintains the rink. “But people like the warm weather.”

The PAL rink, which opened Thanksgiving weekend, will be in operation daily through March.

“It’s such a beautiful setting,” Renee DiCaprio of Westport said on a recent afternoon. “I’m glad that the town continues to do it every year and that the town has the opportunity to take advantage of it.”

“It’s been a great addition to the town since they did it,” said Jeff Lopatin of Westport.

Last year, the rink was expanded to a full regulation 200-by-85 foot size, inviting the Staples High School teams to use it for practice and games.

“I think it’s awesome,” said Michal Coman of Westport. “It’s a ton of fun. It’s a beautiful day for it.”

“We try to come at sundown,” said Joel Cipes of Norwalk, who, like others who hit the ice recently, marveled at the view across Long Island Sound. “It’s fantastic. It’s nice to have something outdoors.”

“It’s just really fun to skate,” said Melody Stanger, 10, of Westport, “and the ice is always really cold and it’s really hot in my room, so this is where I cool down.”

“I just like getting out with my kids,” said her mother Christie, “and it’s Westport. We’re on the Sound. Look at it.”

“Who else gets to do this?” she said.

For information about the Westport PAL ice rink, such as hours of operation and rates, visit: .