Changing days, strange sights in Westport

WESTPORT — Day by day, life continues throughout a changed and changing town.

Despite anticipation that some elements of normal living would start to reemerge this week, strange sites and scenes have simply become more commonplace in Westport.

Communication in these times of COVID-19 continue to come forward in offhanded and sometimes odd ways and places, such as more unique hand-painted message stones and sign suggestions to act strangely in the off-chance it might help keep everyone a little saner.

Recreation and work alike continue to take place where they can — on the river and online, with hopefully more options forthcoming.

Meanwhile, though they remain closed, school buildings appear in various stages of activity and invitingness — from the stone cold message of the “No Trespassing” sign confronting visitors at Staples High School, to the geometric fanfare of the kaleidoscopic construction ballet underway at Coleytown Middle School, to the fun-running freedom-inspiring revelry of a local police officer training his new police dog at Greens Farms Elementary School.

Let’s hope those racing for fun and freedom win out in the long, exhaustive run away from these strange and spectacular times.