Candidate complains of stolen signs in Westport

Photo of Amanda Cuda

WESTPORT — A first selectman candidate is alleging that one of his campaign signs was stolen from a spot on the Post Road on Thursday, and that multiple other signs of his have been stolen.

On Thursday, first selectman candidate TJ Elgin and his running mate Louis D’Onofrio Jr. put out a press release stating that D’Onofrio observed a supporter of another candidate take down the sign on the Post Road and replace it with the other candidate’s sign. According to the release, it wasn’t the fist time something like this has happened.

“Since Day One we have been frustrated with our signs being removed,’ the statement read. “Our campaign is one of integrity and ethics and we pride ourselves in knowing that our supporters do not steal signs.”

The campaign filed a police report and Westport police spokesman Lt. Dave Wolf confirmed that the report was received through the town’s online reporting system Thursday evening. “The complaint will be reviewed and then referred to an officer for further investigation,” he said.

The accusation comes a day after Westport police put out a release urging people not to steal campaign signs.

Wolf said the department gets an average of about 10 complaints of missing signs during a typical election season. Police ask that signs not be removed from public or private property, even if someone thinks that a sign violates town regulations.