Findings of an ongoing archeological dig at Sherwood Island State Park will be outlined during a program at the park on Thursday evening, July 18.

The program is planned at 6 p.m. in the park's nature center and is sponsored by the Friends of Sherwood Island.

Ernest Wiegand, a Norwalk Community College archaeology professor overseeing the dig, will display items and artifacts found in the park's dig sites. He also will present an overview of the prehistoric and historic archaeology of southwestern coastal Connecticut.

The program is free, and parking at the park is free after 6 p.m.

Wiegand's presentation will cover the Ice Age and 10,000 years of Native American occupation and adaptation to the changing environment.

Man's presence will be traced from the hunting of animals and gathering of plants to the establishment of Native American horticultural villages and the arrival of European explorers, traders and settlers.

Attendees are encouraged to bring any locally discovered prehistoric artifacts they may have found for identification, documentation and determination of age, function and cultural affiliation.

The Friends of Sherwood Island State Park received support for the archaeological testing from the state Historic Preservation Office of the Department of Economic and Community Development with funds from the state's Community Investment Act.