A leak in a 500-pound underground propane gas tank at a Surf Road home required an hours-long, emergency "burn-off" Saturday by firefighters and personnel from the Fairfield County Hazmat squad.

The incident was reported to the Fire Department about 10:25 a.m. Saturday when the odor of gas was reported near a home under construction on Surf Road. After searching for the source of the leak, firefighters determined the gas was escaping from the relief valve of a 500-pound underground tank at a nearby home.

Assistant Fire Chief John Plofkin, the incident commander, called additional firefighters and the Fairfield County Hazmat squad to the scene to assist with repairing the leak. Personnel from the property owner's propane dealer also was called to the scene.

The leak, however, could not be shut off because the tank's relief valve was damaged, according to the fire report.

To mitigate the hazard, firefighters and the propane dealer then set up equipment to empty the tank by burning off the gas.

Crews remained on the scene burning off the propane into Saturday evening.