Bradley H. Jack, of North Avenue, a former investment banking chief at Lehman and an owner the most expensive residential property in Fairfield, has been charged for the second time in less than a year with forging a prescription for a controlled substance.

Jack, 53, was charged Friday by Westport police with second-degree forgery in connection with an incident last November when he is said to have forged the date of a prescription for a controlled substance at a CVS pharmacy that was made out to him by a Fairfield doctor.

He posted $5,000 bond and is scheduled to appear March 21 in Norwalk Superior Court.

Last June, Jack was charged with second-degree forgery and forgery of prescription after Fairfield police said he tried to illegally obtain Oxycontin and Ritalin pills at a local CVS pharmacy.

In August, he was granted permission in Bridgeport Superior Court to enter the accelerated rehabilitation program, which if successfully completed, would allow him to avoid prosecution on the drug charges.

Jack and his ex-wife Karin are listed as owners of a 20-acre waterfront estate on Sasco Point in Fairfield, the residential property with the highest value in town. The property at 1143 Sasco Hill Road is appraised at $34.5 million -- and with an assessed value of $24.5 million for property-tax purposes -- the property boasts five buildings, an in-ground pool, tennis courts and a stable.

According to a list of tax-delinquent property released in February by the Fairfield Tax Collector's Office, the Jacks' unpaid tax total was also the largest -- $271,923 owed on the estate dating to 2010.