"Born to Explore with Richard Wiese," the ABC-TV children's series whose creative team is based in Westport, has won a Daytime Emmy Award for photography.

The show won the Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Single Camera Photography at the the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' 40th annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards on June 16 in Los Angeles.

The show also had been nominated for Outstanding Travel Program.

Litton Entertainment, the show's producer, earlier in June won an award from a media-publishing group for best children's series in the ages 9 to 14 category.

The production team works out of small offices on Main Street above Bobby Q's Bodacious BBQ restaurant.

In each episode, host and executive producer Richard Wiese visits an unusual corner of the globe, and the series has focused on people and their cultures in Australia, Chile, India, South Africa, the Arctic and elsewhere.

The show has been renewed through the 2014 season.