Filled with opulent and plush decorative fabrics imported from India, China and the United States, Blackstone Textiles' spacious showroom, located at 222 Post Road E., is a new addition to Westport's business community. Featuring high-end textiles typically found in renowned New York City home furnishings and interior decorating outlets, Blackstone Textiles offers competitive pricing and a more convenient location for local clientele.

"The core of our business is essentially upholstery and window treatments; however, we also have a smattering of furniture and textile-related items, such as unique clothing, throws and pillows," explained owner Larry Lieberman.

The 10,000-square-foot showroom is located on the building's second floor, and its entrance is in its rear.

"We also have some wood furniture and antiques but I only carry pieces that are especially interesting and unusual," he added.

With 38 years of experience in the home furnishings and textiles industry, Lieberman decided to open Blackstone Textiles after holding senior positions at national chain stores. He was vice president of merchandising for both Macy's New York and Macy's San Francisco and ABC Carpet and Home in New York. Throughout his career, he cultivated valuable contacts in the global textile business, which enables him to attain a variety of beautiful, high-quality inventory for his new Westport showroom.

"We have direct mill contacts in India, China and the United States that typically service some prestigious clients," he said. "We also have acquired some very good vendors and very good suppliers."

Lieberman encourages both professional interior designers as well as homeowners to browse among the showroom's 2,000 rolls of high-quality, home furnishings textiles.

"Although we are a retailer, we will do whatever we could to attract local designers to our business," Lieberman said.

The convenience and cost savings provided for designers -- along with the competitive prices of the products themselves -- make it a win-win situation for professionals working in the design trade.

"I want them to feel welcome here because they are important to us," Lieberman said. "In addition, they need to know that we'll do whatever we can to accommodate them. I also offer a special trade program for designers. I know that once they come in and see all that's here, they will buy from me."

The overall philosophy of Blackstone Textiles is "to offer high-quality items with the best price for the merchandise we're offering," Lieberman explained. "We're fortunate because we operate with a very low overhead here so we are able to pass on this savings."

Lieberman also offers custom design services and he works one on one with people to ensure that their couch, chair and window treatments are exactly as they would like them to be.

In the near future, Lieberman plans to expand his selection of rugs. Although he presently has a good selection of floor coverings, he would like to provide even more options to complement the store's primary inventory.

Although Lieberman emphasized that Blackstone Textiles is not a clothing retailer, there are some ornate, unique jackets from China and India on display for purchase throughout the store.

This month Lieberman is receiving a shipment of textile panels, rugs, coats and dresses made by designer Carter Smith. "I can't wait for people to see this -- his stuff is out of this world," said Lieberman.

Described as "wearable art," Smith first creates the textiles used to make the custom designed clothing. "He is one of the top textile artisans in the world," said Lieberman.

Lieberman feels fortunate to have acquired Smith's Shibori clothing and home furnishings line to offer to the Fairfield County clientele because it is only found in select retail venues, such as a boutique on Madison Avenue and an upscale retail store located outside of Boston.

"This is something that people have never seen before," Lieberman continued. "It's spectacular."

Lieberman began the process of establishing Blackstone Textiles last April. He initially planned to open the store in Rhode Island. However, when the lease abruptly fell through in early August, he set his sites on Fairfield County. Living for the past 10 years only a few blocks away from its current Post Road setting, Lieberman explained that he drove past the building where Blackstone Textiles resides every day. "I used to think what a great space this was," he said.

After meeting with the building's owner and explaining the type of upholstery and window treatments business he envisioned, they agreed upon a plan to open Blackstone Textiles in Westport. Within a few short months, Blackstone Textiles opened its doors in mid-October.

"I am so excited to be here and I look forward to servicing the Westport community," Lieberman said.

For more information, visit Blackstone Textiles on the Web at or call (203) 221-3096.