Two black bears sightings were reported Thursday by Westport residents to police, the same day a bear was tranquilized and captured in a Fairfield residential neighborhood.

The local reports came from residents of the area bordering the Merritt Parkway, according to Capt. Vincent Penna, police spokesman.

In both instances, the bear was observed roaming through the properties and did not act in an aggressive manner, he said.

In Fairfield, the bear was seen roaming through several neighborhoods throughout the day, according to police in that town. After it climbed a tree in the back yard of a home not far from Black Rock Turnpike, a team from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection was dispatched to the scene, where the bear was tranquilized and removed from the yard.

No one was injured.

Bears were also sighted in the upstate towns of South Windsor and East Windsor Thursday morning, eating out of back yard bird feeders. There was also a recent bear sighting in Norwalk.

The DEEP recommends people keep their distance from bears, and either slowly walk away or announce their presence by shouting and waving arms. No one should attempt to feed the bears, and sightings can be reported to 1-860-675-8130.

The DEEP website also says that “experience has shown that a single, wandering bear can be responsible for numerous sightings to the Wildlife Division.” The probability of a bear attacking a human is low, according to the state agency. Therefore, the DEEP website says, the mere presence of a bear doesn’t automatically necessitate its removal.