Another bear has been spotted in town, this time wandering Monday night in the Sunnyside Lane area.

The sighting behind a neighborhood residence comes four days after a black bear visited the deck of a Charcoal Hill Commons home last Friday, and helped itself to bird food set out in feeders. A month earlier, two bear sightings were reported to police in the northern section of town near the Merritt Parkway,

As in the earlier incidents, police said there were no menacing encounters between the animals and neighborhood residents or their pets. The bears moved on without incident shortly after they were seen.

The Monday sighting, in fact, may be the same bear or bears who have been spotted earlier, likely searching for food in what has become familiar territory. officials indicated.

Police and the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection should be alerted when a bear is spotted in a residential area, police said.

The DEEP recommends people keep their distance from bears, and either slowly walk away or announce their presence by shouting and waving arms. No one should attempt to feed bears in the wild, and sightings can be reported to 1-860-675-8130.

The DEEP website also says that “experience has shown that a single, wandering bear can be responsible for numerous sightings to the Wildlife Division.” The probability of a bear attacking a human is low, according to the state agency. Therefore, the DEEP website says, the mere presence of a bear doesn’t automatically necessitate its removal.

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