The Bayberry Lane bridge will be closed to traffic next week for "emergency" repairs expected to take two to four weeks.

Public Works Director Steve Edwards, who announced the repairs Monday, said the bridge spanning the Aspetuck River will be closed July 10 after a routine inspection discovered that storm waters had created conditions that could compromise the structure's integrity.

"Significant structural deficiencies" were found that had been caused by "scour" from recent storms, Edwards said in a statement. The damage is caused when sediment, such as sand and rocks, is washed away by swiftly moving water from the base of the bridge abutments, which could eventually undermine the structure's strength.

Edwards said an underwater inspection of the bridge confirmed that repairs need to be made as soon as possible.

"The bridge is not unsafe to cross, but we want to get the work done as soon as possible before schools resume in the fall," he said in the statement.

Closing the Bayberry bridge will further complicate traffic patterns in that section of town, where the nearby on the North Avenue bridge, which also cross the Aspetuck River, is closed for six months for a deck-replacement project.

Bayberry Lane Extension, where the bridge is located, is a cut-through from Easton Road to Lyons Plains Road in Weston. Drivers will be routed via Coleytown Road, west to the intersection of Coleytown and Lyons Plains roads to avoid the closure, Edwards said.