A Westport man barbecuing outside his Easton Road house Sunday evening in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene escaped serious injuries when he was grazed by a massive tree that toppled onto his house and two cars in the driveway.

The tree, which fell about 6:15 p.m. Sunday, damaged not only the roof of the single-story house, but two vehicles in the driveway -- one of them severely -- and the gas grill where the homeowner was cooking dinner.

Firefighters called to the scene assessed the damage, and turned off electricity to the building. They advised the home's occupants that even though the rooms beneath the damaged section of the roof appeared to be intact, they should not stay in the house overnight until Westport's building official could given the house a more thorough assessment of its structural integrity.

Though the man cooking at the grill was brushed by branches of the falling tree, he did not require further medical attention, according to firefighters.