Ban on portable/window signs lifted for 6 more months

Six more months.

That's the extended reprieve Westport zoning officials are allowing for free-standing and window signs at local businesses

The Planning and Zoning Commission recently agreed not to enforce its ban on such signs through Jan. 31, 2011.

In extending their non-enforcement of the prohibition, P&Z officials re-stated the rules for signs that are allowed during that period:

"¢ Signs must be temporary. They cannot be permanently installed in the ground.

"¢ Signs must self-supporting/portable. They cannot be attached to an immovable object such as a structure, light or utility poles, or a fence.

"¢ Signs must be located on-premises. Those placed off-site or in a public or private right-of-way are not eligible as such "off-site" advertising is prohibited by other town regulations.

"¢ Signs must not interfere with pedestrian traffic or block sight lines for drivers pursuant, according to local regulations.

"¢ Only one sign per tenant for a single property is permitted, and it can be displayed only during business hours.

P&Z staff will enforce these regulations and take action if the guidelines are not followed.

The commission is currently working on developing a new sign regulation, but it would not be ready for public comment and potential enactment prior Sept. 30 when the current temporary suspension of the ban is scheduled to expire.

Those who have questions regarding the town's sign regulations should contact the Planning and Zoning Department's office.