Westport rail passengers were spared some of the commuting nightmares that plagued others at points east in the aftermath of the Friday's train collision in Bridgeport, but they were still pleased with full restoration of Metro-North service Wednesday morning.

"Actually, I didn't really feel any effect," said Chip Andrews of Westport, who rides Metro-North into New York City every day. "I showed up Monday, Tuesday," he said, and his trains were there.

"It's a huge relief for the trains to be back on line," said Kristin Spellacy of Weston, who had scheduled a special visit into Manhattan with her 4-year-old daughter Emma.

"We'd planned a big day in the city to go see `Cinderella,' " she said, so things were starting off on a positive note Wednesday morning.

"The trains are consistent and have been running for years," she said of the safety issue. "I have faith that we're safe, otherwise I wouldn't bring her on it."

"That was a fluke," Andrews said of the crash between two trains Friday just east of the Fairfield Metro station. "At the end of the day the trains move a lot of people very safely."

For Andrews, however, the incident poses a lesson in planning for the state. "It would be nice if we invested in the infrastructure," he said.

"What's interesting from an outsider's perspective," said Joe Oravecz of Kearney, Neb., who was visiting relatives in Norwalk, is that "Connecticut has received a lot of tragedies. You have the Storm Sandy, you have Sandy Hook and now you have this. One thing is happening after the other."

He said, however, that as bad things are sometimes said to happen in "threes," he hopes the train collision will put an end to the cycle.